Trust & Estate Services

You’ve worked hard to earn your wealth, and our dedicated team of experts will work just as hard to protect and sustain it for future generations. We’ll help you make smart decisions today that can ensure a bright tomorrow for you and your family.

Trust Administration

A trust may seem like a bit of a mystery to many people, but in fact, trusts are usually rather simple solutions that can help people with significant assets accomplish some important goals. They can be an effective tool for managing assets during your lifetime and for the benefit of your loved ones after you’re gone. Utilizing a trust ensures your assets are administered without disruption and passed to the next generation according to your instructions. Learn more.

Estate Administration

A well-designed estate plan provides for an efficient transfer of your assets while minimizing estate taxes and preserving the wealth you’ve built over your lifetime. Our estate settlement professionals work with objectivity and sensitivity to ensure that your estate is settled according to your wishes while conforming to the highest legal standards required of a corporate fiduciary. Learn more.

Custody Services

The Commonwealth Wealth Management & Trust Group can assume full responsibility for record-keeping details related to your securities and other investments, in addition to serving as a clearinghouse for all of your accounts – regardless of how many different brokers you use. All the securities entrusted to our custody are administered to the highest standards of safety and accuracy. Learn more.

Foundations and Charitable Endowments

Our experienced team can provide personalized administrative and investment management services for Private Foundations, Endowments and Charitable Institutions. We offer a consultative approach and wide range of services to meet the unique needs of individuals, families, charities, churches, endowments, and not-for-profit organizations. Our committed, expert staff will tailor an investment strategy specifically to the unique requirements of your organization to ensure that charitably designated funds and endowments provide a lasting legacy for our community. Learn more.

Not FDIC Insured. Investments Not Guaranteed. Investments May Lose Value. Fees may apply for services. Consult your tax attorney or CPA for details on tax benefits.