Family Office

Bringing the big picture into perspective.

We are pleased to present our Family Office Services integrated with our Wealth Management Services — a centralized and personalized source for the most comprehensive and innovative financial advisory services available.

Our Family Office Managers are experienced professionals who can help you with everything from routine financial transactions, such as securing a personal or commercial loan quickly and without a lot of red tape, to special events like educational workshops. They can also coordinate with other specialists to help you with everything from financial planning and trusts to insurance and investment opportunities, each tailored to help you achieve your personal objectives.

The following illustrates how our Family Office Representatives can coordinate all your Family’s needs into one package to provide you with the most efficient and expertly handled service:

We provide all of these services while maintaining privacy, confidentiality, and discretion.

No matter how diverse and demanding your financial situation may be, you can rely on Commonwealth Bank & Trust to conserve your valuable time and make your life a little easier as we help you make the most of your banking and wealth management relationship.

Not FDIC Insured. Investments Not Guaranteed. Investments May Lose Value. Fees may apply for services. Consult your tax attorney or CPA for details on tax benefits.