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CBandT Mortgage Loan Information

Click here to download a copy of our COVID-19 Mortgage Servicing FAQ’s.

January 13, 2021

Payroll Protection Program (PPP) Loans

Commonwealth Bank & Trust Company is a qualified lender of Payroll Protection Program (PPP) Loans. In 2020, we helped 700 local businesses secure a total of $87 MILLION in funding. For details about revised PPP guidelines and restrictions, contact your lender or branch manager for more information.
For general information about government SBA coronavirus relief, click here.

December 2, 2020

SBA to Release PPP Borrower Information

The SBA is expected to release names, addresses and amount borrowed for all PPP and EIDL borrowers on December 2, 2020.

This information is being released in response to a court order mandated under Freedom of Information Act requirements. While PPP borrowers may be concerned about the release of this information, it is not surprising that the court ruled as it did, given the total amount of government funds involved in these programs.

John Key, CB&T President stated, “As a community bank who backed many small businesses at the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are even more committed to showing our support now. These are our friends and neighbors and their businesses are an important part of the Commonwealth Bank Family.”

The PPP and EIDL programs were designed to help spur economic recovery and limit damage from the continued pandemic. More than 5400 lenders participated in the PPP.  More than 5 million PPP loans were made through banks, totaling $525 billion, supporting 51 million jobs (as reported by SBA and the Treasury). Commonwealth Bank & Trust Company helped secure $89 million in PPP funding for our customers, alone.

Banks provided PPP loans based upon the guidance of the SBA and Treasury, relying upon attestations of borrowers in determining eligibility for PPP loans. Banks are fully supportive of the SBA investigating alleged fraud in the program and will assist in any way they can with the SBA and law enforcement.

While the PPP may not have been a perfect solution, it allowed millions of struggling businesses to weather hard times during the pandemic and saved millions of jobs. Bipartisan members of Congress agree and are proposing reauthorizing the program so that more assistance for small businesses can be made available.

November 20, 2020

Due to an increase in COVID-19 cases in the areas we serve, some branches will be offering lobby access via APPOINTMENT ONLY effective Monday, November 23 until further notice. Below are hours of operation and lobby accessibility for each location:




August 13, 2020

Phishing Scam Relating to SBA Loans

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (part of the Dept. of Homeland Security) issued a warning that spoofing emails are being sent out in an attempt to gain access to login credentials.
On Wednesday, August 12, the Dept. of Homeland Security issued an alert concerning a phishing campaign using malicious spoofs of the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) web site. This is an extremely polished campaign that leads with a malicious email almost indistinguishable from actual emails from the SBA. That email announces that the recipient’s application for an SBA loan or grant has been approved and provides a link for users to click to obtain more information. Doing so will steal any credentials entered into the website.

Below is an example of how the email may appear:



The link in the email will take the individual to a very well-spoofed copy of the SBA’s login page:


July 08, 2020 

COVID-19 Scam Warnings from US Secret Service and Homeland Security

  • Click here to read an advisory on Imposter Scams and Money Mule Schemes from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).
  • Click here to read a notice about PPP fraud from Homeland Security.

July 01, 2020 

Shelby Kroger Branch Drive-Thru Access

July 6 / Shelby Kroger Branch’s drive-thru service will be accessible beginning Monday, July 6 at 10 AM. A reopening date for Shelby Kroger’s lobby is TBD. We are continuously monitoring this situation and will reopen our Shelby Kroger lobby when it is safe to do so. On Monday, July 6, Shelby Kroger Branch will resume drive-thru service with normal operating hours: MON. – THURS. 10 AM – 5 PM  |  FRI. 10 AM – 6 PM  |  SAT 9 AM – 12 PM 
For in-person service, Customers may visit one of our other four Shelby County locations. Please refer to for our branch directory and hours of operation.

June 02, 2020

After careful consideration of the health and banking needs of our community, Commonwealth Bank & Trust branch lobbies are reopening to the public. We have worked tirelessly to establish new safety measures to protect our employees and patrons. When you enter, these changes will be visible, but we always want you to feel as welcome as you did before.

Our Branch Lobbies are Accessible

June 2 / Lobbies will be accessible at Simpsonville and Shelby Main ONLY. We will operate with normal business hours.
June 8 / Lobbies at all other CB&T corporate offices and locations will be accessible with regular business hours, with the exception of our Shelby Kroger Branch (TBD).
Please refer to for our branch directory and hours of operation.

New Branch Lobby Policies

  • For the safety of our employees and patrons, PPE MASKS ARE REQUIRED to enter our lobby. If you do not have your own, we can provide you with a disposable mask.
  • As you enter our lobby wearing a protective mask or face covering, hats and sunglasses must be removed. We may also request that you briefly remove your mask and/or present a photo ID for safety purposes.
  • To comply with proper social distancing guidelines, each branch will allow a limited number of customers in their lobby at one time. This will be posted on the front door of the branch and you will be greeted by a CB&T employee to assist with our enhanced safety protocols.
  • If you are uncomfortable with any of these policies, we encourage you to use our night deposit drop, drive-thru, ATM / ITM, mobile app / online banking

Safety Measures in the Branches

The health of everyone visiting our bank locations is our first priority. We want you to feel safe in our facilities, and our staff is committed to making your visit a comfortable one. Here are the safety measures we have put in place:
  • Enhanced cleaning of all surfaces and ITM / ATM throughout the day
  • The installation of plexiglass panels at our teller lines and in our branch offices
  • Social distancing markers have been placed on the floor to help patrons visualize a safe distance of 6 feet apart.
  • Hand sanitizer is available on several desks and counters for your use.
Welcome back, friends. If you have questions or concerns as we navigate this “new normal”, we hope you will share those with us.

March 26, 2020

Cyberattacks Increase with Coronavirus Health Crisis

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the COVID-19 virus to spread malicious attacks for fraud and profit. There is an increase in the number of phishing emails, links to malicious websites, and other attacks following the path of the virus from east to west in the U.S. Heightened awareness is crucial for all of us at this unprecedented time.

Some of these attacks are very clever and hard to spot. Emails will likely claim to be from major agencies like the Center for Disease Control, The World Health Organization and other recognized businesses. Many of the emails and links to websites contain both legitimate as well as erroneous information. These attempts may also come in the form of phone calls or automated recordings. Claims of new information or cures relating to the virus are popping up. Others might be looking for funding to assist those affected by the recent closure of businesses, seeking financial support for their employees. As much as you may want to help, we hope that you take the time to verify requests you receive before you get out your wallet.

It is vital that you do not share any personal financial information. It is more important than ever that you:

  • Make sure the device you are using, desktop or mobile, is up to date with security patches.
  • NOW is the best time to change your passwords and use a STRONG password. Use eight characters or more. Use upper and lower case and special characters such as ! $ % *.  Do not rely on the minimum requirements from a site.
  • Don’t click on embedded links. Instead, manually type the URL in your browser. You can also pick up the phone and call a known, published number to verify the legitimacy of an email.

These are simple things you can do to keep from be defrauded during these uncertain times.

Common Scams

  • Stimulus check or relief scam – The government is discussing sending money to individuals by check or direct deposit to help ease the economic impact caused by the virus.  The government will not ask for a fee or personal account information to receive these funds.
  • Offers for a Covid-19 vaccine, cure or treatment – If there is a medical breakthrough, it would not be communicated through unsolicited email or online ads.  Rely on official sources for the most up-to-date information about the virus.
  • Investment scams – Watch out for anyone claiming that products or services of publicly traded companies can prevent, detect, or cure COVID-19.
  • Charity scams – Do research before making any donations.  Especially any that are requesting payments in cash, by wire transfer, gift card, or through the mail.
  • Bank/FDIC scams – Scammers may attempt to impersonate FDIC or bank employees and falsely claim that banks are limiting access to deposits or that there are security issues with bank deposits.
  • The safest place for your money is in the bank – The bank provides for physical security and it is federally insured.  You do not have these protections when your money is taken out of the bank.
  • Use multi-factor authentication when available – Multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides increased security that provides a second step to verify who you are, like a text, email, or phone call.
  • Read this article from the FDIC for more information – FDIC Consumer News: COVID-19 and Your Financial Health

March 25, 2020

7 Things to Think About if You’re Considering Withdrawing Cash

Withdrawing sums of cash from your bank during a crisis is an understandable impulse, but not a prudent one. Now more than ever, thanks to experience and technology, the safest place for your money is in your bank accounts.
Here are seven reasons why:
  1. CASH IS VULNERABLE // Your funds in bank accounts are federally insured to $250,000, making them much safer than keeping cash under the mattress or in your pocket.
  2. CASH IS NOT REQUIRED // With so many secure ways to access your accounts and to pay your bills and shop, there’s almost no reason you’ll need extra cash.
  3. CASH MAKES YOU A POTENTIAL VICTIM // If you have told anyone that you withdrew a large sum of cash, they may have told someone else. That places you at risk of being the victim of a crime, which can place you in harm’s way.
  4. CASH DOES NOT HAVE YOUR ID // Stolen cash, even if recovered by the police, does not carry an ID number that associates it with you. Your bank accounts do. Even if your credit cards are misappropriated, you can recover the funds!
  5. CASH IS, WELL, KIND OF DIRTY // The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends always washing hands thoroughly after handling cash because you never know where it’s been!
  6. YOUR CASH IS SAFE // Kentucky Governor Beshear says that your cash is safe in the bank for all of the reasons listed above.
  7. CASH WILL BE AVAILABLE // The U.S. Treasurer has already determined that banks are essential service providers. You will have access whenever you need it.
Information courtesy of Kentucky Bankers Association (KBA), March 24, 2020

March 24, 2020

CBandT Mortgage Loan Information

CBandT’s Mortgage Servicing Department has been inundated with calls from borrowers. If your current mortgage loan number begins with 142, 143 or 144XXXXXXX, please visit Borrowers can log in and receive pertinent information to assist with their needs. This is the quickest and most efficient path to getting answers your loan questions, addressing concerns or finding information about the available options regarding to your mortgage payment. 

When registering, you will need the following info:

  • Primary Borrower Social Security Number
  • Loan Number
  • Zip Code

Click here to download a copy of our COVID-19 Mortgage Servicing FAQ’s.

March 19, 2020

At Commonwealth Bank & Trust Company, our focus remains on the financial health of our patrons and the communities we serve.

We know you are facing adversity under the threat of Coronavirus, and there will be challenges we will need to work through together. Our bankers understand the mounting concern our customers may be presented with. Now, more than ever, we want you to know that WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. We will continue to lead with our “Banker in the Family” mentality for the duration of this crisis.


We are offering several financial solutions to our customers during this unprecedented time. If you are experiencing financial hardship as a direct result of this health crisis – on your household or business – please reach out to us. Current customers may qualify for INTEREST-ONLY PAYMENTS or LOAN DEFERMENT up to 90 DAYS.* Whatever your situation may be, we will work with you to determine the best plan of action.

*Requests are subject to review and approval. Contact your banker or loan officer for details.
Please contact your Retail Development Officer or Business Banker today.

Personal Banking Customers:  855.535.5654
Business Banking Customers:  502.259.2460
Email:  [email protected]

March 17, 2020

Customers & Friends –

In an effort to reduce our employee exposure to Coronavirus, we will close our branch lobbies to the general public after 5 PM on Tues. March 17. We are continuously monitoring this situation and will reopen our lobbies when it is safe to do so.

We encourage you to leverage CBandT’s tools and resources to do your banking:

Customer Service: 855.535.5654  |  Internet Banking & Bill Pay:

March 13, 2020

Customers & Friends –

The well-being and safety of our employees and patrons remains of utmost importance to all of us at Commonwealth Bank & Trust. National and local Coronavirus (COVID-19) reports are changing daily, and we are following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and government recommendations in order to reasonably respond to the health crisis. Our first priority is always to provide you with a high-level of customer service and financial guidance, especially in uncertain times. We are keeping our staff informed of the latest reports and safety measures, and we are making extra efforts to ensure our facilities are clean.

Do Your Banking on Your Comfort Level

We understand the level of concern is rising as new reports surface. Currently, all of our branches and corporate offices are open. If you prefer to not come into a branch, we encourage you to leverage CBandT’s tools and resources to do your banking.

These tools are in place as a convenience, and we hope you find them helpful in the days and weeks to come. If you have a question, please reach out to us.

Safety Measures for Employees and Guests of the Bank

As a safety precaution, we are prohibiting employees from nonessential work-related travel until further notice. We are also closely monitoring employee personal travel to foreign or domestic regions of concern. We are encouraging everyone to limit exposure to large crowds, as well as practice healthy hand-washing and follow safe-distance recommendations. Our staff has also been instructed to wipe down all common areas (door handles, hard surfaces, restrooms) multiple times a day to limit the spread of germs.

How We are Moving Forward

The Bank has a dedicated team of employees working to carry out our contingency plan, adjusting to the situation, as needed. For as long as possible, we hope to maintain business as usual, but if that changes, we will notify you through email communication, social media and our website,

If you have been impacted by COVID-19 and need our support, we are here for you. Your business is our business, and we will have dedicated assistance available. Please contact us at 855.535.5654 (Monday-Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM, EDT) so we can connect you with a banker for a private consultation.

While it is impossible for us to gauge the challenges Coronavirus may present in the near future, we can assure you that our focus will continue to be what’s best for YOU, our customer.


John W. Key