Card Cash

Begin earning cash back on your business debit card!

  1. Use your debit card for everyday purchases.
  2. When using your business debit card, always press CREDIT to get unlimited cash back per year* for qualified transactions that have posted and cleared your account each month.
  3. Exceed your monthly minimum spend of $1,000 in qualified, non-PIN business debit card purchases each month to start earning cash back:
    1.00% on qualified purchases between $1,000.01–$1,500
    0.50% on qualified purchases between $1,500.01–$2,000
    0.25% on qualified purchases above $2,000.01+

Register your business debit card today!

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To request a debit card for your business checking account, visit any branch or call 502-259-2000.

*Terms and Conditions apply.